First All-Grain Homebrew

by Brenton Russell on

After progressing my homebrewing techniques over the last four years from a ‘can and kilo’ through to playing with different malts etc, boiling in extra hops, steeping in specialty grains, culturing and introducing liquid yeasts and into partial mashes the time has now come to take the leap into all-grain brewing.

I will be making an English Best (Special) Bitter and have the ingredients arriving next week.  Saturday, 15 May 2010 is marked as ‘Brewing Day’!

After Brewing Day I will post how I went including the recipe and method used.  I made most of my All-Grain equipment myself and I will also post in the future the details of how I made my equipment such as my mash tun/lauter, immersion cooler etc.  Stay tuned!

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