First All-Grain Brew Day

by Brenton Russell on

As promised in my previous All-Grain Homebrew Post, this post is about my first All-Grain Brew Day yesterday!

After doing a partial mash a month or so ago and learning some valuable lessons, yesterday I launched into my first All-Grain Homebrew.  In the interest of perfecting my favorite beer style, I chose to brew an English Bitter (Best).  Thanks to Dr Smurto for his recipe from the forum (full recipe below).

My home-made esky Mash Tun/Lauter did a great job for the mash, dropping only 0.5 degree Celsius after 60 min and 1.0 degree Celsius after 90 min; however, draining and sparging was another matter! After a horribly slow drainage rate and many stuck sparges, it is now obvious that my Mash Tun/Lauter needs some modifications.  After eventually losing my patience I topped up the last few litres with filtered water to reach my boil volume.

All went well with the boil and my new home-made immersion cooler did a great job dropping the temperature in around 10 – 15 min from boiling to tap water temperature.  Ice bathed to drop the last eight or so degrees and pitched the yeast at 22 degrees celsius.

Overall, another great day of learning where some modifications from the last partial mash worked very well and some further modifications desperately needed!  Considering  some of the challenges experienced during the sparge, pretty happy with the 77% efficiency of the mash!

Dr Smurto’s Landlord Best (Special) Bitter

3.5 kg Pale Malt, Maris Otter (5.9 EBC)

0.50 kg Caramunich Malt (90 EBC)

0.05 kg Chocolate Malt (800 EBC)

Hops – 60 min (40 gm) Fuggles 4.2% AA, 20 min (30 gm) East Kent Goldings 4.8% AA, Dry Hop (20 gm) Styrian Goldings 3.0% AA

Yeast – White Labs WLP103 London Ale

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