My Declutter Principles!

Decluttering Principles

by Brenton Russell on

The reduction in my sense of wellbeing as a result of the clutter in our house is a call to action for me to get back to ‘the simple things’ in life. Search for ‘declutter’ on the internet and you’ll find a million sites and articles.  Well here’s another one!

So how am I going to do this?  Read on for the principles that I am going to adopt!

Declutter Principles

1.      Just start! Anywhere, right now! I am going to start getting rid of stuff to build momentum and create a mind set.

2.     Be ruthless. Have I used it in the last two years? No – I’m getting rid of it.

3.     Ebay. I recently sold our old pram and cot on Ebay and not only can I now walk around my garage but I also got $400 unexpected dollars out of it!

4.     Freecycle. Think of Ebay without money. People will actually come to your house and gladly take your stuff off you.  Check it out at here!

5.     Use a ‘hold’ system. After adopting a completely ruthless mindset if I am still unsure about whether to turf a certain item, I’ll put it in a ‘hold’ box and in six months if I haven’t missed it, I’m getting get rid of it!

6.      Toys be gone! I am quite amazed at the volume of crappy, plastic, cheap toys our household has accumulated in the time that it has taken for my son to turn four and my daughter two. From now on, any birthday party for my kids will have on the invitation that if you do want to bring a present, bring one of your old toys that you think my kids might like.  Lets start this revolution for kids’ parties to reduce the endless expectation to hand over a crappy and unnecessary present to every birthday party you go to.  In the mean time, its time for my kids to get acquainted with Ebay and Freecycle!

7.      Organise the things that I want to keep. Once I have brutally minimalised our home, organising what I do want to keep will significantly contribute to your sense of wellbeing.  This link has heaps of different ideas for organising the different rooms of your house.

Stay tuned for future posts on my endeavors to declutter my house!

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Bek June 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm

Hey Brenton,
I like the princaples behind your decluttering craziness and I think thr birthday party idea is really helpful. Last year we asked people to think about creating a present or recycling them and it was a real success. We got some really sustainable and helpful gifts like homemade playdough (hours of fun!! and at the cost of time, flour and some salt) we also recived some amazing imaginative presents, we had a pirate theme and one family created a ‘treasure map in a bottle’ present – it was amazing and that bottle and treasure map have been played and played with! Anyway good luck with the decluttering and i hope you get to it sooner rather than later!


Suzie June 21, 2010 at 3:43 pm

Kudos on your decluttering! It’s hard enough when there’s no children, let alone having to deal with the playground peer pressure! I definitely agree on passing along kids toys – there must be enough children’s toys in existence to keep every kid happy, we don’t need any more.


Brenton Russell June 21, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Thanks for your comment Suzie. I had another round of ebay and freecycle on the garage over the last week or so and the difference is amazing; not only to the organisation of the garage but also the increase in my sense of wellbeing as I instantly locate everything I look for in there!


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