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by Brenton Russell on

In the recent post about why my blog sucks one of my action items was to restructure my website. Well after a few hours of work over the weekend here is the next version!

What’s Changed

  • Tagline. I have changed my tagline from ‘The Simple Things’ to ‘Uncork Your Mind.’  After exploring what I want to write about over the last few months I feel that this better reflects the direction I want to head in.
  • WordPress Theme. After reading a lot of reviews from respected bloggers I made the jump and bought the ‘Thesis’ wordpress theme.  Comparing my new look website to my old site is evidence enough of the power of Thesis.  While I am still only part way through the remodel I only started  less than a week ago, I have had to balance this with a full time job and a full time family and I have no website programming or design skills other than what I have picked up building my first wordpress blog three months ago.  I love Thesis so much that I joined their affiliate program.  Check out the Thesis website for more info.
  • Website ‘feel’. I really wanted to improve the reader’s experience and reduce the clutter so I have tried to make this new version a lot simpler and less overwhelming.  I still have a few more things that I want to put into the sidebar and footer but so far I am satisfied that I am heading in the right direction.
  • Graphics. I have my wife to thank for the fantastic new header design. When she showed me the ‘message in a bottle’ graphic I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I think that it has great symbolism about accessing knowledge and combines well with my new tagline ‘Uncork Your Mind.’

What Next

  • Personalised.  I have already started personalising my website more by including on the homepage a picture of me and a link to my ‘about’ page.  I have taken down my previous ‘about’ page and in the near future I will replace this with a page that better describes who I am and what my website is about.
  • Newsletter. I really want to start up a monthly newsletter to provide extra value to loyal readers.  Watch this space and get ready to sign up if you’re interested!
  • Sidebar Development. I am really happy with my changes so far but I still have a few more website additions in mind.  Once I get my newsletter up and running I will be including a sign up box in the sidebar.  I would also like to include a link to some of my other posts either by category or most popular.  I would also like to include a section that displays some of the products that I personally use and find highly valuable.
  • Footer Development. I also want to develop the footer but just not sure how at the moment!

I hope you like my newly remodeled website and I hope that you come back again to check out my future changes.  Check out the My Blog Sucks post to see what my old site looked like and leave me your feedback!

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