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Project Lifestyle Design

by Brenton Russell on

After going through a blog mini identity crisis (see My Blog Sucks) and a website remodel I have finally found inspiration and focus.  From here on Uncork Your Mind will now focus on lifestyle design and my current journey from professional military officer (13 years) to lifestyle design entrepreneur.  I am calling this journey PROJECT LIFESTYLE DESIGN.  Follow me as I build up a combined online and offline business on my road to the lifestyle of my own design. Read more on my about page.

Not sure what lifestyle design is all about?  Here’s a good post from Justin Wright about it.

Why is this Different to all the Other Blogs Out There?

This blog is different as I am not just talking about lifestyle design or re-living it – I am actually doing it.  I am going to be posting about my journey as I am doing it. This genre of blogs are normally written by an online entrepreneur that is already successful who refers to past experiences to demonstrate how he did it.  Whilst many of these are very valuable resources (check out Corbett Barr, Chris Guillebeau, Justin Wright, Chris Brogan and Pat Flynn just to name a few) do they really remember what its like to have 3 subscribers (of which you are one so you can see what your feeds look like!).  I don’t need to remember because I’m living it!

Follow me and see first hand what works, what doesn’t and share my journey.  Following this blog will be useful:

  • If you’re starting out yourself and need ideas, support or just the sense that someone else understands your challenges.
  • If you’ve already made it and want to understand what products and support people like me need and want.
  • If you have no interest in lifestyle design or entrepreneuring but just think that it might be interesting or entertaining. Who knows, it might even get you thinking about a different way to live life!

No Safety Net!

This is real.  On 10 December 2010 (wow – that’s only five weeks away!) I leave my thirteen year military career behind, move 1,200 km to a location where I have never lived before and know no one and start eight months of paid leave.  On 04 August 2011 my leave stops and with it my salary! That’s eight months to make this work so I invite you join me on this exciting (and somewhat terrifying!) journey of lifestyle design and entrepreneurship.

OK, So What Next?

Over this journey I am going to built up a business from scratch that combines both online and offline income streams.  I am not sure in what area this business (businesses??) will be but I have a few ideas that I will share with you in the near future.  The one thing that I do know is that I will be building a brand new separate website for this business as part of my online strategy.

At the start of each month I will post my goals.  At the end of each month I will post about my progress against these goals as well as my measures of effectiveness such as traffic and subscription stats, income etc.  Throughout the rest of the month I will write updates, thoughts, successes, failures and other posts of relevance.

Upcoming Posts

So if you’ve read this far you must have some interest in PROJECT LIFESTYLE DESIGN.  Some of the posts that I plan to write in the near future include:

  • What is Lifestyle Design?
  • The Overall Plan
  • My Lifestyle Design
  • Goals for November

I am really excited that I have finally found a defined purpose for my blog and now have a plan to create my lifestyle design.  Join me on this journey and subscribe using the buttons to the right to ensure that you don’t miss any posts.

Also make sure that you subscribe to my newsletter on the right to receive exclusive content that I won’t be including on my blog such as interviews with other lifestyle designers and online entrepreneurs, extra stats tracking my progress and other more in-depth insights and information.

If you’re also interesting in reading more about me, please read my about page.

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Steve@Lifestyle Design November 11, 2010 at 5:12 am


Welcome to the lifestyle design world. I love to read about lifestyle design, since that is what I also am doing; although I spread out my focus a little bit…

I do think that a blog from a “just starting out” perspective is a wonderful idea. I look forward to reading your posts and seeing (perhaps reliving) some of the struggles of starting out.

Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing more to come.


Steve@Lifestyle Design November 11, 2010 at 5:16 am

Oh, just 1 further comment. I went to Tweet your article and noticed your Twitter feed does not auto post your @brentonrussell. This is helpful for a few reasons. Here is a good article about why and how to set it up.


Brenton Russell November 11, 2010 at 6:38 pm

Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to post some comments. Its inspiring to hear from someone like yourself who is further down the lifestyle design journey.

Thanks also for your tip about Twitter. I’m hoping that this website can become a resource of tips like this for those who are starting out on their own lifestyle design journey.


David Cotterill November 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm


Nice website.
I look forward to seeing the cork screw in action.
See you tomorrow.



Brenton Russell November 15, 2010 at 6:52 pm


Thanks for stopping by. You’ve inspired me to start a new section in the future called ‘The Corkscrew’ which will contain a summary of useful tools for people to use to implement lifestyle design. Keep an eye out for it!


Justin Wright November 30, 2010 at 4:00 am

Brenton, thanks a lot for the mention in your article, it’s much appreciated. I wish you the best of luck on your journey into lifestyle design!


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