Lifestyle Design Progress Report: November 2010

by Brenton Russell on

Welcome to my first monthly progress report for Project Lifestyle Design.  If you’re not familiar with Project Lifestyle Design here’s a good post to start with.

This month is pretty exciting as I make my final arrangements for leaving the military on 10 December after 13 years of service.  As this is my first progress report its a little light on for detail; however, with some goals now set from this post I should have plenty of progress and lessons learnt to report next month.


Visitors (last 30 days):   270

New Subscribers (RSS, Email & Twitter):   N/A

New Newsletter Subscribers:   N/A

Online Income (last 30 days):   $0

Google Page Rank – Lifestyle Design:   Not Ranked

Goal Progress

Starting in next month’s progress report.

Lessons Learnt

Starting in next month’s progress report.

Goals (Next 30 days)


  1. Write a post about what my lifestyle design looks like.
  2. Write a post about my overall plan on becoming a lifestyle design entrepreneur.
  3. Write Uncork Your Mind November newsletter (sign up on the right if you haven’t yet!).
  4. Implement a ‘Top 10 Posts’ sidebar widget.
  5. Develop the website footer.
  6. Fix up the look of my navigation bar.
  7. Create an ‘Achievements’ page.
  8. Create a ‘My Favorite Products’ sidebar widget.
  9. Implement an editorial calender.

Website Marketing

  1. Write an EzineArticle on lifestyle design.
  2. Identify blogs to target for future guest posting.


  1. Write a product review on Thesis WordPress Theme.
  2. Write a product review on Corbett Barr’s ‘Affiliate Marketing for Beginners’ online course.

Self Development

  1. Find an online mentor.
  2. Look for some good ebooks related to lifestyle design.
  3. Read ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron.

Online Community Interaction

  1. Identify some lifestyle design blogs to regularly interact with.

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