Progress Report – Project Lifestyle Design: March 2011

by Brenton Russell on

If you’ve been following Project Lifestyle Design from the start, you’d understand that the project is aimed at  managing my transition from my 13 year service in the Army into my new lifestyle design.  Building Uncork Your Mind has been a great way to track my own progress, learn new online skills and write about one of my passions: lifestyle design.

Each month I write progress reports which tracks the development of Uncork Your Mind and sets myself goals for the next month. This month’s progress report is a little different.

Clarifying My Lifestyle Design

February has been a great month for clarifying my future lifestyle design and what I intend to do once the paid leave stops in August. I now have a far more solid plan and one that I will share in the near future.  I have already dropped a couple of hints about where I am headed but needless to say that it will be a model that has both an online and offline component.

I am now in the process of setting up the legal structure, registering a business name, building a stand alone website etc and once I have this sorted out I will be sure to let you all in on the plan.  The business is related to the topics covered on Uncork Your Mind so you may also find this new venture interesting.


February has also been more of a ‘consolidation’ month for Uncork Your Mind.  After directing significant time towards all the online ‘extras’ in January, February has seen me stick more to the basics to re-energise my online energy.  Things like blog commenting, guest posting, article writing, online connecting etc have taken more of a back seat this month.

Interestingly this has only seen a small drop in traffic (less than 10%) from January’s figures.

March’s Focus

After spending a lot of time over the first six months of this blog carefully tracking stats and following ‘expert advice’ I have decided now that if less than 90% of my time and energy is not focussed on generating great content than I am just another ‘me too’ blogger in an online sea of mediocre websites.  Practically this means that I am now spending less time on things like blog reading/commenting (other than the good ones!), worrying about what Twitter strategy will attract the most of amount of followers or which web 2.0 tactic will give me better backlinks.

To this end my  aim for March is to keep writing valuable and actionable lifestyle design posts to help us all work towards our chosen lifestyle design.  My guiding principle when deciding where to direct energy online is “will this provide value for the readers of Uncork Your Mind and the internet as a whole.” From here on in I will only be completing tasks that clearly align to this principle.

I will also be sure to let you all know about my new venture as part of my new lifestyle design once I have things in place.

Thank you all for your continued readership. Hearing from you provides a heap of motivation for me so please leave a comment, drop me an email or sign up for Uncork Your Mind’s free monthly newsletter.

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Murlu March 10, 2011 at 5:39 am

Hey Brenton,

It’s funny because I think we’re all starting to hear the charge that is ‘re-alignment’ – I’m doing so on my own blog coming soon :)

I think we’re all tired of chasing this endless dream of high traffic and numbers; we want action and in order to get that we need to focus on our overall goal for our blogs vs. just simply writing and pushing whatever comes to mind.

Best of luck this month; I’ll be right there with ya man!
Murlu recently posted..The Unfounded Myths of Traveling Oh yeah- I’m going to New Orleans


Brenton Russell March 11, 2011 at 1:13 pm

Hi Murlu,

Thanks for your thoughts. How we view our blog and how we assess its success has a significant affect on our motivation and satisfaction towards it. I do not view my blog as a business so if I was to expect business-like outcomes from it (like a decent income) than I am most likely going to be disappointed until I start treating it like a business. Readjusting my views to measure Uncork Your Mind’s success in terms of the value that I create for the reader means that the only measure that I really care about is my own measure of the quality of the content. This is something that is well inside my control.


Peter J March 11, 2011 at 10:09 pm

hahaha, I’m up for that too 😛
Maybe it’s just gotten to a point where we’ve all realized that, we’ve been doing this thingy for so and so, there should be a lot more to offer. The aging population of bloggers; and now we are looking for kick ass ways to live forever 😛 and leave a big impact.


Riley Harrison March 19, 2011 at 4:39 am

I really understand and share your frustration, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. And what you propose (being a leader rather than mindlessly following rules that essentially violate your sense of integrity) is the proper model for the type of success that I would envy. Wish you the best.
Riley Harrison recently posted..IT’S MOVING DAY!


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