Long Overdue Lifestyle Design Update….

by Brenton Russell on

I’m going to skip the apologies about not posting for so long etc and get straight to the point of this post – an update on how my lifestyle design project has developed.

Instead of posting on lifestyle design here for the last twelve months I have been actively creating the lifestyle of my design.  So what does this lifestyle look like?


One of my true passions are all things leadership and management so it makes sense to me to continue with this in my professional endeavours.  To this end, last year I created my own business called Curious Fish Coaching, Training and Consulting (check out the website – it needs heaps of work so any feedback would be most welcome!).

Starting up a new business has been one of the most professionally and personally developing experience I have had yet.  Still got a long way to go but the early success is encouraging!


A huge 12 months on the personal front.  Here’s a snapshot of how I’m achieving my lifestyle design:

  • Bought 1.5 acres in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia (Noosa Hinterland).
  • Owner/Build a new house on our new land.
  • Moved into our new house and kissed the rental market goodbye!
  • Finally hit the top of the waiting list for our kids for the school of our choice (Noosa Pengari Steiner School – an amazing learning organisation) and they are now both enrolled and attending.
  • Running, swimming, surfing, bike riding and family activities on a regular basis.
  • Achieving an amazing work/life balance which is enabling me to meet my professional needs as well as spending time with the family and supporting my wife meet her needs.

Looking back at the last 12 or so months it is amazing to reflect on how much of my lifestyle design I have achieved.  It hasn’t always been easy but embracing and overcoming the challenges has been hugely rewarding and generated plenty of personal growth.

New Direction

After some re-evaluation of the purpose of ‘Uncork Your Mind’, I have realised that two of the three original points of what this blog is about are no longer relevant.  To this end, this blog will no longer be about tracking my progress or holding me accountable throughout my significant shift in lifestyle.  Instead this blog is going to concentrate on the first original aim of providing ‘a valuable and relevant source of information about lifestyle design’.

I plan on achieving this aim by focussing on posts of high quality and actionable information on lifestyle design-related topics to help you achieve the lifestyle of your design.

My business website will focus on things related to leadership and management, so if this also interests you head over to Curious Fish Coaching, Training and Consulting and sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks to all readers out there who continue to visit ‘Uncork Your Mind’.  Drop me an email and say ‘Hi’.  I’d love to hear from you.

Uncork Your Mind is now a “DoFollow” website.  If you choose to leave a comment you will get a link back to your website.

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Jason Pulley May 26, 2012 at 2:43 am

Now I know your new direction and I like your idea to relate to leadership and management. Leadership concepts and ideas fascinate me and is something I try to build my lifestyle around. I always find it hard to discipline ourselves to remain aware of our actions which is why I like to keep reading and educating myself.
I will definately be checking back for the great information.
Thanks Brenton!
Jason Pulley recently posted..Lead your life…Don’t let life lead you.


Farah June 7, 2012 at 1:13 am

This is a very interesting article. I love how you manage your lifestyle well, Those highlights tends to be the best things to focus on. Thanks for sharing! :)
Farah recently posted..Devisenhandel online


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