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Brenton Russell

Hi, I’m Brenton Russell – a married thirty-something with two young children who has just embarked on a journey from professional military officer with 13 years service to my new lifestyle design.

Living life by your own design and creating the freedom to set and follow your own agenda is something I strongly believe in.  This website aims to provide a valuable information resource on the concept of lifestyle design and follows my journey (in sometimes painful honesty!) towards living the life of my own choosing.

What is Uncork Your Mind about?

Uncork Your Mind is designed to be a valuable information resource that shares my perspective on lifestyle design.  The uncorking of your mind represents finding and tapping into hidden resources and allowing this knowledge to expand and grow.

This blog is also designed to record my journey from professional military officer to my new lifestyle design.  The aims of Uncork Your Mind are to:

  • Provide a valuable and relevant source of information about lifestyle design.
  • Record my journey to my new lifestyle design to allow others to learn by my experiences.
  • Keep myself motivated and accountable as I make this journey.

Who Am I?

For the large part of my adult working life (13 years) I have served with the Australian Army as a professional infantry officer where I have had many great experiences and adventures both in Australia and overseas.  I have lived in diverse settings ranging from the frontiers of Australia’s Northern Territory to the dynamic city of Sydney, from the Tropics of Far North Queensland to the real Aussie bush of Central New South Wales.

I have a great affinity for the ocean where I love surfing (badly!), free dive spear fishing and SCUBA diving.  Living for the last four years on the Great Barrier Reef has been a brilliant opportunity to indulge some of these passions!  I spend a lot of time outdoors where you’ll often find me out camping with the family.

My military roles have been diverse and have included training recruits, leading military teams from 5 to 150 people and managing the training and operations for a 600 man infantry battalion. I have had the privilege of leading soldiers on peace enforcing/peace keeping operations in East Timor, commanding on combat and mentoring operations in Afghanistan and exchange postings with other armies including the British Army in both Iraq and Europe.

For all of the great times that I have had in the military it is now time for something different. What could be further from the military than the freedom of a lifestyle design entrepreneur?  On 10 December 2010 I work my last day as a full time professional military officer and commence eight months of paid leave.  On 11 December 2011 I will move to the Sunshine Coast, Australia (check it out here – its fantastic!) where my family has never lived and knows no one.  On 04 August 2011 my leave stops and so does my pay!  This gives me eight months to create the lifestyle of my own design.

Product Disclosure

From time to time I may mention a product. If you purchase the product through my link I may receive a small commission.  I will only ever recommend a product that I personally use and find to be of high value.  These will be products that I want to share with you and would have mentioned anyway even if I didn’t receive a small commission.  The commissions that I make on the products that I love will help me to fund this website.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, where I’m coming from and where I’m going. I would love for you to drop me an email to say hi via my contact me page.

I hope you come along for the ride!